Healing from Within®

Created by Alisha Olivier Park

About the Program

Healing from Within®, Alisha Olivier Park’s signature program, is a holistic program that guides you through the greatest journey of human existence – the journey of personal transformation. In this one-of-a-kind program, you learn the Healing from Within® teachings, which take you through the four stages of personal transformation: self-discovery, healing, transformation, and self-mastery.

At the end of your Healing from Within® journey, you will have undergone a complete inner shift. You will have healed your deepest wounds and transformed your limiting beliefs around relationships, health, business and love. You will be empowered with the spiritual tools you need to live a life you love – a life filled with vibrant health, unconditional love and fulfillment of your true purpose.

Alisha’s Personal Journey

The Four Stages of Transformation

Stage 1: Self-Discovery

Gain clear perspective on your lifestyle, and discover how you can cultivate more balance, health, and presence. As you embark on your journey of transformation, these tools will help you work through unprocessed emotions, situations, and wounds. You will be introduced to the 3-Selves, this connection will be the catalyst for lasting healing and growth.

Stage 2: Healing

This is where are the active healing takes place. Together with your Mentor you will create safe space to process and heal everything that has been holding you back. You’ll learn how to break free from codependency, conditioning and self-limiting beliefs by establishing clear boundaries and creating healthy relationships with yourself and others.

Stage 3: Transformation

Through the art of surrender and forgiveness, you’ll let go of all that no longer serves you and awaken to your gifts of unconditional love and acceptance. You’ll also delve deep into your soul to unearth your divine plan. You will begin to normalize new healthy ways of being in the world, you will create a new and empowered life story.

Stage 4: Self-Mastery

Fulfill your destiny by learning to live in the present moment – free from past pain and anxiety of the future.
This is the fun part 🙂 You have uncovered the answers to the three big questions, Who am I? What do I want to experience? and, What is my purpose?.
As you reconnect with your intrinsic gifts, you’ll learn how to share them with the world and live your destiny.

How You Will Transform

You will be guided and supported through your process with a combination of:


~ In-Depth Online Course Materials

Listen anytime and anywhere. Through online lectures led Alisha, guided meditations and journal prompts, you’ll undergo a spiritual alchemy that will heal old wounds, align you with your purpose and live from a vibrational frequency of unconditional love and positivity.

~ Weekly Live Group Webinars with Alisha

Throughout the course, you’ll jump into an exclusive live group webinar with me  and experience live mentorship that has historically only been reserved for private 1:1 clients. Within these hour long calls, you can ask general questions or questions specific to your own journey.

~ One-On-One Sessions with a Certified Healing from Within Mentor

The most powerful way to stay committed to your journey of personal and professional growth is through accountability and support of a mentor. Each week, your mentor will answer your questions or offer guidance specific to your journey via video chat or phone.

~ Interactive Community of Other Like-Hearted Individuals

Upon signing up for the course, you will also be invited to the private Healing from Within® Facebook group where you will connect with other attendees and Alisha before, during and after the course ends.

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See What Our Graduates Have To Say

Above: Graduates and mentors speak about their Healing from Within® transformation. Click here to see more Real Stories and live mentoring sessions with Alisha

“This is the work for those who want to create a better life not only for themselves but others as well. The ramification of healing yourself creates a ripple effect out into the world and touches the hearts and lives of so many. The Healing from Within program is where it’s at.”
~ Liz H.

“I’m living the life that I love, and that is probably the biggest impact. I’m shedding bad habits, negative thoughts, and reoccurring patterns in my life that were unhealthy and no longer served me. I’m cultivating happiness and self-love. I did not love myself before I went into this program and one of the best things that I can say now is that I love me and this program has helped me see that.”
~ Kasey S.

“Healing from Within changed my entire perspective in every sense of how it can. It shifted the way I viewed and responded to people, situations, relationships, and life as a whole. When I began this program, I had a lot of trust issues and fear around being in a long-term relationship. Now I am in a fulfilling marriage with a man I love, and we use the tools we have learned to communicate consciously and grow together.”
~ Jamie N.

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