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Healing from Within

Healing from Within, Alisha Olivier Park’s signature program, is a holistic program that guides you through the greatest journey of human existence, the journey of personal transformation.

In this one-of-a-kind program you learn the Healing from Within teachings, which take you through the four stages of personal transformation: self-discovery, healing, transformation, and self-mastery.

As you progress through the work, Healing from Within not only provides loving guidance and support, but also a deep level of unconditional love. In time, you too learn to accept, embody and then express unconditional love towards self, which results in profound personal growth within all aspects of your life.

At the end of your Healing from Within journey, you will be forever changed and ready to live a life you love–a life vibrant with health, unconditional love and most of all, fulfillment of your destiny.

Above: Graduates and mentors speak about their Healing from Within transformation. 

What You Will Learn

Above: An excerpt from the Healing from Within teachings.

How You Can Experience Healing from Within

A Certified Mentor will guide you through the Healing from Within online course. You will meet with your Mentor in either small group or private sessions.

Healing from Within – Online Course

Healing from Within is a comprehensive online course, divided into four Stages. Each Stage consists of six lessons. And each lesson includes in-depth materials to initiate the success of your transformation. Lessons materials include:

  • full length videos of Alisha Olivier Park teaching lesson concepts (30 – 90 min. each)
  • supplemental written explanations
  • experiential lifework exercises (for you to complete in real life)
  • thought provoking journal questions
  • and more

This course is delivered in a convenient online format. You will have everything you need to go through the program.

Weekly Study Group

In addition to the online course, you will be guided through the course by a Mentor in weekly study group calls (accessed via web conferencing or over the phone). Each study group has a small number of students to allow for personal guidance and attention from your Mentor.

Program Length & Tuition

Study groups begin 4 times a year: in January, April, July, and October. Or you may view a pre-recorded study group call prior to these start dates if you cannot wait to begin.

Tuition is $290 per stage.

Enroll in Stage One now and receive all course materials prior to your first study group session.

Healing from Within – with a Personal Mentor

In addition to the online course, you can work through Healing from Within with the guidance of a personal Mentor in private sessions.

Your Mentor has experienced the journey of transformation and will teach you how to apply the Healing from Within teachings to your personal experience. This allows you to go deeper in your transformation and receive clarity and support when you feel lost or don’t know what to do.

Private Sessions

When working with a mentor, you will meet for weekly private sessions, either over the phone or in person. In each session, your mentor will support and guide you as you release limiting beliefs, negative patterns, and work through unprocessed pain that you did not realize still runs your life. These sessions are designed to move you through deep levels of psychological healing and spiritual transformation.

Your Mentor will also assign you homework from the Healing from Within online course to progress you through your transformation. The online course, together with personal Mentoring sessions creates a unique combination of learning which has proven highly successful for students.

Program Length & Tuition

With your Mentor, you will work through the 4 Stages of the program. During each stage, you will cover the core teachings and learn how to integrate them into your life before you move onto the next stage. As this is intensely personal work, each student’s pace will be different. Typically, students participate in the program for 1-2 years.

Working with a mentor starts at $750 per six session package for distance sessions and $850 for in person sessions, plus the cost of the online course purchased at a reduced rate of $250 per stage. (Please note that mentors rates vary depending on level of experience)

Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot do in-person sessions. Can I still participate in Healing from Within?

Yes. You can choose the mentoring package for phone-based mentoring or the self-study online program. Anyone, anywhere can be a part of Healing from Within.

Do I need anything special to participate in this program?

You will need a computer and the ability to watch video content, or to download it to your computer or tablet.

Do you offer any guarantees for the Healing from Within program?

What everyone experiences with Healing from Within is different, but if you stay committed you will transform for the better.

I am not sure if Healing from Within is right for me?

This program is going to be some of the greatest work you do in your life so it’s important you are fully committed to it. If you are not sure, we would be happy to discuss with you and answer your specific questions. Reach out to us at info@alishaolivierpark.com to set up your free introductory call with founder and creator Alisha Olivier Park.

I’m interested in coming to Costa Rica. Can you tell me more?

We hold an in-person training once a year, and we’re currently planning our 2017 retreats. Please contact us if you have questions.

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Are you ready to experience true and lasting change? Work with a Mentor and begin your transformation. Please contact us below if you have any questions or if wish to set up a time to talk about whether Healing from Within is right for you.

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