Personal Transformation


Spiritual Alchemy Session (Mentoring + Integrative Healing) | 75 minute session

This personalized mentoring session will assist you in becoming aware of what shifts need to be made to move forward in your life. Receive insight and tools that will allow you to transform your perspective so that you can go through any challenges and take inspiring steps forward. When this session is facilitated in person. It may include essential oils, crystals, sound healing and Reiki.


Lifestyle Consultation | 2 – 60 minute sessions

Using the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, we will determine your dosha (mind-body constitution) and your vikruti (current state). Based on your information, we will create a personalized program that will enable you to bring balance and vibrant health back into your life.

Energy Healing


Integrative Healing Session | 60 minutes

This customized session is a supportive blend of Reiki, Essential oils, Crystals, and Sound healing.

Yinki Healing Session (Yin Yoga + Reiki + Sound Healing) | 60 minutes

Yinki Healing is an individualized session that incorporates yin yoga poses that are deemed most beneficial for the client. Yinki Healing combines Yin Yoga, Reiki energy healing, essential oils, and crystal bowls to enhance energy-balancing and healing.

Essential Oils


Raindrop Technique | 60 minutes

Cleanse, detoxify and balance your body with the Raindrop Technique. During this session, essential oils are applied to the back – falling like soft, gentle rain – and then smoothed and fanned over the nerves to help stimulate the balance of the entire body by releasing blockages and aligning energy centers.

Vibrational Raindrop Technique | 60 minutes

The Vibrational Raindrop Technique combines the power of essential oils with tuning forks applied to points on the body that are known in Chinese Medicine to have powerful healing potential. The vibrations created by multiple tuning forks and crystal bowls can enable the healing energy of the essential oils to penetrate your body more efficiently and pleasantly.

Emotional Release with Essential Oils | 60 minutes

This gentle and nurturing healing session uses custom blended essential oils to help you release hidden memories and emotional patterns. This session features Alisha’s unique protocol where oils are used to help you release emotions.

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