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About this Course

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In this course you will learn ways to bring balance, joy and inspiration to your life. Throughout the course we will cover all aspects of self: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

The purpose of this course is to help you bring your life into balance and create a strong foundation from which you can grow and experience A Life Inspired!

What You Will Need

  • Computer or Tablet
  • Internet Connection

What You Will Learn

Lesson 1

Introduction & The Master Key

In this lesson, you will discover the master key that will unlock the seven gateways to A Life Inspired.

15 minutes

Lesson 2


In this lesson, learn the importance of becoming aware of thoughts and emotions.

15 minutes

Lesson 3


Learn how to connect with your emotions and express them in healthy ways.

15 minutes

Lesson 4


In this lesson, learn why exercise is important to bring balance to the body and live a healthy, happy life. 

Begin now with this simple yoga flow.

45 minutes

Lesson 5


In this lesson, we are excited to share an amazing gift to help you bring awareness, connection and balance to your daily life. 


25 minutes

Lesson 6


In this lesson, learn why and how spending time in nature can bring you into balance.

10 minutes

Lesson 7


Learn the secrets behind how to cultivate healthy and fulfilling relationships with yourself and others.

15 minutes

Lesson 8

Gifts & Purpose

Discover your unique gifts and purpose and how to creatively express them in the world.

10 minutes

Lesson 9


In this lesson, reflect and then commit to continued balance and personal growth.

20 minutes

Lesson 10

Your Next Step

Today plan your next steps to live A Life Inspired!

5 minutes