Begin Your Personal Transformation

With The Healing From Within Intro Experience

Gain the inner resources to making lasting changes in your life through experiencing the key teachings of the Healing from Within program.

Healing From Within Intro Experience

In this course, you will explore the alchemical world of inner transformation with Spiritual Teacher and Mentor, Alisha Olivier Park. The Healing from Within Intro Experience is designed to provide you with a compelling starting point for your inspirational journey of healing, transformation, and Self Mastery. 

What You Will Receive:

~ Welcome video from program creator Alisha Olivier Park
~ Guided meditation – Connect to how you want to feel in your life.
~ Journal questions – Get clarity through inner reflection.
~ A full-length video lesson on The Process of Transformation & the Three Selves.
~ A 1-hour private phone session with a Healing from Within Mentor

This course is for you if…

You are ready to make a lasting positive change in your life.

You would like to deepen your connection to who you truly are.

You want to feel loved and connected.

You are interested in learning how to use the process of transformation to heal and empower your life.

You are interested in the full Healing from Within program and would like to get a taste of it first.

Why Healing From Within?

A unique and extraordinary course meant to expose you to the teachings of Alisha’s signature Healing From Within Program, the Intro Experience will provide you with practical tools to start making profound shifts in your life right now.

Watch the video to learn more about why Alisha created the Healing From Within program and made it her life’s work to share this wisdom with others.

See What Our Healing From Within Graduates Are Saying…

“I’m living the life that I love, and that is probably the biggest impact. I’m shedding bad habits, negative thoughts, and reoccurring patterns in my life that were unhealthy and no longer served me. I’m cultivating happiness and self-love. I did not love myself before I went into this program and one of the best things that I can say now is that I love me and this program has helped me see that.”

-Kasey S.

“Healing from Within changed my entire perspective in every sense of how it can. It shifted the way I viewed and responded to people, situations, relationships, and life as a whole. When I began this program, I had a lot of trust issues and fear around being in a long-term relationship. Now I am in a fulfilling marriage with a man I love, and we use the tools we have learned to communicate consciously and grow together.”

-Jaime N.

“This is the work for those who want to create a better life not only for themselves but others as well. The ramification of healing yourself creates a ripple effect out into the world and touches the hearts and lives of so many. The Healing from Within program is where it’s at.”

-Liz H

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