Spiritual Alchemy

Embark on the Sacred inner journey of living awake.
Graciously uncover all aspects of Self and life with loving acceptance by transmuting all that is lead into gold.

Through this process, you will reveal your true essence and fulfill your purpose.

Awaken the spiritual alchemist within through one of my products, courses, or retreats.

Healing from Within®

Alisha Olivier Park’s signature course is a holistic approach designed to guide you through the greatest journey of human existence – the journey of personal transformation.

Alchemy by A.Olivier®

Alchemy by A.Olivier®

Handcrafted Essential Oil Blends

Experience the sacred Alchemy of handcrafted essential oil blends created by Spiritual Alchemist and Aromatherapist,
Alisha Olivier Park.

LEGACY BY A. Olivier™


BY Alisha Olivier Park

In this 14 week course you will work with 11 Allies to unleash your highest potential and LIVE YOUR LEGACY

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